Business intelligence

M-Connected Ltd specialise in providing companies with in-depth support and expert advice to assist in developing a detailed market entry strategy and to establish and maintain successful sales in overseas markets.

Software development

M-Connected’s Web-based technology allows our team to deliver our clients requirements and build out program's based on our expertise and our clients requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

Asset Protection

M-Connected Ltd specialise in a specific range of high–tech asset protection products, applications & services, these linked to the
businesses IPR’s that make M-Connected a formidable solutions provider within the
asset protection field. 

Asset Management

M-Connected’s strategy is to migrate
clients away from traditional, fragmented, static asset monitoring structures and to a unified dynamic web-based platform, which is structured to
integrate into our client’s procedures, asset KPI's
and HSE standards. 


M2m Technology

protecting global assets and infrastructure

Software & application


Asset protection

Business intelligence

Asset Management

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