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What sets the M-Connected aside from the competition is its quality of our people suppliers and channel partners and their ability to work as an integrated team giving an unparalleled service to customers. We have adopted a unique partnering approach for project delivery, Our success has been achieved through working closely with our clients and partners to understand their business needs, their operational challenges, goals and most importantly, their customers expectations and aspirations.

asset management solutions

Our strategy is based on the migration our clients away from traditional, fragmented,
static asset monitoring structures and methodologies to unified dynamic, structured
web-based platform, with a capability of integration into our client’s management
procedures, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), HSE standards and communications

asset protection

M-Connected Ltd specialise in a specific range of high–tech asset protection products,
applications & services, these linked to the businesses IPR’s, make M-Connected a
formidable solutions provider within the asset monitoring and protection field.

BUSIness intelligence

M-Connected is well positioned to help your business grow internationally. We provide structured marketing & sales solutions and practical support to companies wishing to grow their business overseas. We can assist on every step of the exporting journey. Whatever stage of development your business is at, we can give you the
support that you need to expand and prosper.

SOFTWARE & application development

M-Connected’s Web-based technology allows our team to deliver our clients requirements and build out the program based on our expertise and our clients requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. 
M-Connected’s current global “Asset Protection & Monitoring Programs” are based on GPS & Iridium® technologies and a highly developed dynamic graphical user interface (GUI), giving the most advanced global coverage of our client’s asset to date.